My Letters.


P: how often do you think you’re a disappointment?

L: never lol

L: i mean

L: disappointment to who

P: idk

P: just anyone

L: if you never had standards set for yourself

L: you cant disappoint yourself

L: at the very least

P: sure

L: …that being said, when we dont meet other peoples expectations they can be disappointed in us

L: people have been disappointed in me

L: but i have never felt as if i am just

L: a disappointment just because they said i am

L: i’ve done disappointing things, sure

L: but my actions dont entirely define me as a person.

P: yeah.

"I've done disappointing things, sure."

But these things don’t always define you as a person.

I welcome you to my open letters platform. These short letters will discuss various topics that I feel are resonating with me at the time of writing or topics that you ask me to share my experiences with. The letters won’t be addressed to anyone in particular, so never be afraid to ask me about something you want to hear my take on.

This is my first letter, “Expectations.”


Let me just start off with what put me onto this topic.

I’ve had a few people this week reach out to me asking how I deal with the feeling of not being enough. The feeling of being a disappointment.

The feeling of not meeting expectations.

For those of you who spoke with me, I hope you found my responses to be helpful in some way. I’m not what you’d call a wordsmith by any means. I truly appreciate the time you took to talk with me. 

I’ve come to see the main reason we have these feelings is that we don’t live up to the standards of others. It’s extremely easy to get caught up in what people think about you.

Life until this point has been a show with YOU front and center,

and now the ratings are dropping.

You have a choice to make now! To care, or not to care?

Realistically, the only standards you should be living up to are the ones you’ve set for yourself. Life gets much easier when you discard the opinion of man and care only about the opinion of you. Your expectations. You will disappoint only yourself through your actions. You set your pace, you set your growth.

And to those in your life who put these expectations on you? Cut them out like a cancer.

But as with everything else in life, it’s all easier said than done.


Please reach out to me to talk at [email protected] or through my social channels if you know them.